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The Projects Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for participating in the implementation of projects and supporting the participation of Medical Physics institutions for improving research in Medical Physics and the professional status of Medical Physicists in Europe and Internationally.

EFOMP participates in projects that require knowledge from medical physicists and to show the importance of the medical physicist work in health care. EFOMP participates either as a consortium member or in steering committees or advisory boards of major European projects. This work is often, but not always, done by EFOMP officers, former officers and committee members. In projects that require extensive work, EFOMP needs support from individual medical physicists.

The committee identifies project calls, in particular tender requests from the EU and links with NMOs and relevant professional societies to put together a bid.



Dimitris Visvikis

Past Chair

Constantinos Koutsojannis


Luis Brualla

  All committee members


EFOMP’s involvement in projects is overseen by the Projects Committee. 

Although EFOMP’s aims and mission statement do not explicitly call for EFOMP to be involved in projects, one way of satisfying a number of these aims and help in EFOMP’s mission is to be involved in projects that lead to the publication of reports and scientific journal articles that support these objectives. Publications will be particularly relevant when they contain a strong European dimension. Previous publications, having such a perspective, in which EFOMP has been involved, include reports that are sponsored and published by the European Commission.


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Endorsement of Projects

EFOMP is very delighted to be invited to take part in and endorse different projects that have an impact on and connection to medical physics profession, research, or radiation protection. However, we need time to evaluate and discuss the project before endorsing or joining projects. This document describes what need to be included in a request and when to send it to EFOMP. Please pay attention to the following:

What kind of support do you request?

We have divided EFOMP’s support in different categories and the projects will be evaluated using these categories.

a) A general endorsement of a project – i.e. a single letter of endorsement from EFOMP

b) An endorsement with an involvement – i.e. EFOMP is asked to take part in an advisory board or a project steering committee etc.

c) An endorsement with participation – i.e. EFOMP contribution is needed in the project in form of an expertise or a financial support, but EFOMP is not a part of the project.

d) A full endorsement – EFOMP is requested to join as a full member of the project financed by e.g. EU or other institution.


When should you approach EFOMP?

We need the information about the project well in advance, which means 1 month project type a) and b), 2 months for project type c) and 3 months for project type d). You must also let us know the application deadline (if applicable). The times needed to process the request are maximum times.


What should you include?


How should you send it to?

Preferably in a single document (please use the "Form for project endorsement" below) attached to an email to:

the Projects Committee and cc  Secretary General of EFOMP at:

Projects committee introductory course

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