Communications & Publications Committee


The CP Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for the representation and promotion of the application of physical sciences to medicine in the public. This includes:



Paolo Russo

Vice chairperson elect

David Lurie

Internet Manager

Efi Koutsouveli

  All committee members


  1. EFOMP'S Website (the new website was launched on September 2017)
  2. Social Media accounts:
  3. European Μedical Physics News 
    EMP News intends to dedicate attention to the activity of young medical physicists all over Europe, via presentation of their work. Release of issues in 2018 is foreseen on March (Spring issue), June (Summer issue), September (Autumn issue),  December (Winter issue). We encourage submission, via NMO delegates, of short articles to EMP News, by PhD students, resident physicists, graduate students in medical physics, illustrating the highlights of their research, also in the form of interviews. We also encourage submission of announcements and reports of events of interest for our European community of medical physicists. A specific type of welcome articles refers to the illustration of recent research highlights in medical physics, in particular from European centers. Educational and professional news will also be of interest for EMP News. News from national IDMP events are welcome. Articles should normally be no longer than 600 words, with color figures and figure legends, in the form of a MS Word file and separate high resolution image files, plus a photo of the author(s) and corresponding 50-word biography. Please find format guidelines at EMPnews article format.
  4. Design of promotional material (leaflets, flyers, posters, banners) for EFOMP activities
  5. Presence in international and national congresses and conferences (booths)
  6. Advise on advertising in EFOMP publications and website / social media. Include advertisements coming from National Member Organisations or Company members within the publications and website/social media accounts
  7. Inform collegues for Job openings and PhD/Postdoc positions through website and social media
  8. Development of an e-learning platform via EFOMP website

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We are always looking for Europe-wide contribution to the EMP News. Articles should be sent to the committee email at least two weeks before the publication date.

Deadline for sending articles: Spring (15 February), Summer (15 May), Autumn (15 August), Winter (15 November)