Communications & Publications Committee


The CP Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for the representation and promotion of the EFOMP activities to the public. This includes:



Mohamed Metwaly

Vice Chairperson

Oleksandra V. Ivashchenko

Internet Manager

Jurgita Laurikaitiene


Leticia Irazola Rosales

  All committee members


  1. Administration of EFOMP's website; 
  2. Administration of the official Social Media accounts:
  3. Publication of European Μedical Physics News (quarterly);
  4. Design of promotional material (leaflets, flyers, posters, banners) for EFOMP activities
  5. Maintaining a presence at international and national congresses, conferences and meetings;
  6. Advise on advertising in EFOMP publications, website and social media. Include advertisements coming from National Member Organisations or Company members within the publications, website and social media accounts;
  7. Inform colleagues about Job openings and PhD/Postdoc positions through website and social media;
  8. Administration of the on line registration website platform for EFOMP events (EFOMP school, EFOMP examinations);
  9. Administration of the e-learning platform via the EFOMP website

European Medical Physics News (EMPnews)

The purpose of EMP News is to bring attention to the activities of medical physicists all over Europe, via presentation of their activities and those of National Member Organisations.
All medical physicists are welcome to submit articles or ideas for articles, by emailing the Editors at The editorial board of EMP News particularly encourages submission of short articles written by early-career medical physicists, including PhD students, resident physicists, graduate students in medical physics, highlighting their work activities and/or research. 
We also encourage submission of announcements and reports of events of interest to our European community of medical physicists.
Articles in EMP News by EFOMP Company Members illustrate the latest innovations and leading technologies to improve patient safety, quality and clinical outcomes. 
Educational and professional news items are also of interest for EMP News. For example, articles describing national “International Day of Medical Physics” events are welcome. We are also keen to explore the “human” side of being a medical physicist and we are happy to receive submissions for EMP News’s “what Medical Physicists do in their free time” section.  

How to submit an article
It couldn’t be simpler! Just paste your text in this template by following its instructions – just email us your text file and accompanying graphics, to, as follows:
•    Articles should normally be no longer than 600 words, submitted as an MS Word file
•    The document should contain the following:

      o Text of the article

      o Figure captions

      o 50-word biography (bio-sketch) of the author(s)

•    High-resolution graphics should accompany the article, using any of the standard graphics formats. The graphics should include:
      o A separate file for each Figure in the article
      o A head-and-shoulders photograph of the author(s)

Full page ad size(A4): 21cm x 29,7cm Pdf press quality:CMYK 300 dpi all fonts must be outlines
Half page ad size (A5):21cm x 14,8 Pdf press quality: CMYK 300 dpi all fonts must be outlines  

Publication deadlines

Winter edition  releases in December with a deadline of 10th November
Spring edition releases in March with a deadline of 10th February
Summer edition releases in June with a deadline of 10th May
Autumn edition  releases in September with a deadline of 10th August

CP committee introductory course

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