European Matters Committee


The EUM Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for the representation of the interest of the Federation to the various bodies of the European Union. This includes:



Klaus Bacher

Vice Chairperson

Oscar Casares Magaz

  All committee members


EU Projects Relevant to the field of Medical Physics

The EU Matters Committee has a remit to keep a watching brief on EU Projects that are relevant to the field of Medical Physics when new calls are made, project status is updated, EU sponsored events are announced and regulations are being formulated or announced.

To assist the EU Matters Committee, it would help us if you could identify an MEP from your country whom we could contact to inform about the Medical Physics profession in general and the EFOMP view of the MPE in particular. 

In the related attachments you can find a presentation by Dr Penelope Allisy that was shown to the MEPs during the EFOMP sponsored French congress in Strasbourg in 2012, hosted by the SFPM. 

Other EU initiatives

  1. EFOMP has endorsed the Joint Statement of the Thematic network on medical training and professional development for patient safety - EU Health Policy Platform. For more information click here.

  2. The EU Matters Committee supports the activities of European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC). ECIBC brings together a wide range of actors at a European level, including healthcare users, experts, professionals, NGOs, patient groups, civil society representatives, the industry, policy makers and in­volved countries’ representatives (ECIBC National Contacts). Medical Physicists are working inside ECIBC and EFOMP is one of the project stakeholders; interdisciplinary activities are mandatory to finalise the goal of the EU project. Their support include expertise on patient dosimetry, physics and technological support such as MRI, tomosynthesis,.... For more information click here.

  3. EU Health Policy

    EU countries hold primary responsibility for organising and delivering health services and medical care. EU health policy therefore serves to complement national policies, and to ensure health protection in all EU policies.

    EU policies and actions in public health aim to:

    • Protect and improve the health of EU citizens
    • Support the modernisation of health infrastructure
    • Improve the efficiency of Europe's health systems.

    Strategic health issues are discussed by representatives of national authorities and the European Commission in a senior-level working group on public health. EU institutions, countries, regional and local authorities, and other interest groups contribute to the implementation of the EU's health strategy.

  4. Heads Of The European Radiological Protection Competent Authorities (HERCA)

    HERCA is a voluntary association in which the Heads of Radiation Protection Authorities work together in order to identify common issues and propose practical solutions for these issues. HERCA is working on topics generally covered by provisions of the EURATOM Treaty. The programme of work of HERCA is based on common interest in significant regulatory issues. HERCA brings together 56 radiation protection Authorities from 32 European countries.

EU Platforms

The EnTIRE project  aims to create an online platform that makes information about research Integrity and research ethics easily accessible to the research community. The platform will foster uptake of ethical standards and responsible conduct of research, and ultimately support research excellence and strengthen society’s confidence in research and its findings. It will offer help to anyone seeking support in handling day-to-day research practices and dilemmas, and provide best-practice guidelines, cases, and tools for finding relevant regulations. EnTIRE is a H2020 project funded by the European Commission, and is being developed by a consortium consisting of ten partners from across the European Union.

Related Attachments

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   Medical Physicists: Improving Treatments, Saving Lives Size: 9,56 MB

   Presentation by José Hernandez Armas, EFOMP European Union Matters Committee chairman at the ICMP2005 conference at Nuremberg: MPE and QE in Europe. Size: 1,18 MB