Individual Associate Membership (IAM)

IAM is a new class of membership of EFOMP. Here, EFOMP’s President enumerates the many reasons for applying for IAM:

  1. The European Federation of Organisations in Medical Physics (EFOMP) was founded in 1980. The current membership (2021) covers 36 National Member Organisations (NMOs) which together represent more than 9100 physicists and engineers working in the field of Medical Physics. EFOMP is the home of ALL European medical physicists. If you want to become part of this living community, you should become an IAM.
  2. EFOMP established the European School for Medical Physics Experts (ESMPE) in 2014. Becoming an IAM will grant you free access to the e-learning platform of EFOMP where all the educational activities of EFOMP and all the video recordings of recent and upcoming editions of ESMPE are stored. The e-learning platform contains also webinars which are jointly organised with EFOMP NMOs and affiliated organisations. 
  3. The motto of our European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP) is “sharing knowledge”. As an IAM you will automatically receive information about all EFOMP activities, including its quarterly newsletter, EMP News. Note that you do not need to be European, nor even a medical physicist, to register as an IAM.
  4. Discounts are offered on EFOMP activities to IAMs. By becoming an IAM now, you will be informed straight away about these initiatives and you will not risk missing them.
  5. IAM registration is an one calendar year registration

  To become an IAM is a very simple process: you only need to complete an online registration form and pay online a fee of €15 per year.

Marco Brambilla
President of EFOMP

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Special benefits!


The registration to the "Artificial Intelligence in Medical Physics - Part I - online " EFOMP school will be available for EFOMP IAM by paying an additional fee of  70 euros. The registration will open in December 2022 and all material will be inside the EFOMP elearning platform.


 "Hybrid technologies in RT" was available for EFOMP IAM. Online school (12th-13th October 2021).

 "MRI in Radiation Therapy Planning" EFOMP school was available for EFOMP IAM. Online school (5th-6th May 2021).

"Particle Therapy: State of the art and future developments" Online school (10th-11th December 2020).


You can find all school editions videorecordings at EFOMP e-learning platform.