Webinar Series

ECMP2020 warm up webinars

The Congress Planning Committee of the 3rd European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP2020) is announcing a series of warmup webinars. The first one will take place in January 2021.

1st ECMP Warmup Webinar

“AI in Medical Physics” (1.5 h)

Thursday 28th January 2021


Chair introduction: Mika Kortesniemi (5 min)
Introductory talk: “The impact of AI on our profession”, Federica Zanca (20 min)
Scientific talk: “Using Big Data and AI on predicting clinical outcomes”, Leonard Wee (45 min)
Discussion: Federica Zanca & Leonard Wee & Mika Kortesniemi (15 min)
General information on the forthcoming ECMP and closing of the webinar, Mika Kortesniemi (5 min)

The link will be soon announced!



Providing experts in the field of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologic Physics with high-quality practical (EQF8) training is what the EUTEMPE team stands for. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is preventing us from doing this in the way we love: welcoming you to our facilities where you interact with our experts and gain practical experience, top level knowledge, skills and competencies. However, our aim of sharing our knowledge to help colleagues in our field grow as medical physicists has not changed! 

We just needed to find other ways to do this!  Hence, we are very happy to announce a series of EFOMP-EUTEMPE didactic webinars, followed by online masterclasses, which are free of charge.

The webinars will be in a familiar format, introducing a specific subject by means of a presentation, with room for interaction with the lecturers. 

The online masterclass for each topic will follow on two weeks after the original webinar. The masterclasses, which have a greater number of educational hours, will provide the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the topic and helping cement the knowledge gained.  The Masterclasses will consist of a mix of (short) lectures and short (group) assignments, and they will be highly interactive!

We’re looking forward to seeing you online soon!


Danielle Dobbe, Ruben van Engen, Paddy Gilligan, Efi Koutsouveli, David Lurie 

Email: webinars@efomp.org


Webinar videorecordings will be permanently accessible via EFOMP's elearning platform



EUTEMPE online Masterclass




Oct 13, 2020

12.00 CET

Oct 29, 2020

12.30 - 14.30 CET

Webinar & Masterclass:
Telling ain’t Teaching!

Available at e-learning platform

Danielle Dobbe,

Dutch Expert Centre for Screening

Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Nov 10, 2020

Nov 24, 2020

Building robust QC protocols for the assessment of medical x-ray imaging systems

Assessing the performance of the Synthetic Mammography mode: what should a QC physicist do?

Available at e-learning platform

Hilde Bosmans & Nicholas Marshall

Leuven, Belgium


Dec 8, 2020

Dec 22, 2020


The philosophy of QC protocols

Available at e-learning platform


Digging deeper: The why behind a quality control protocol and how to adapt to varying realities


Ruben van Engen

Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Ruben van Engen & Ioannis Sechopoulos

Nijmegen, The Netherlands



Jan 12, 2021

Feb 2, 2021


An introduction to strategic and robust leadership in medical physics

Link. Register now!


Medical physics leadership – real world case studies from the trenches

Link. Register now!

Carmel Caruana,

Msida, Malta


Feb 23, 2021

March 9, 2021

Webinar & Masterclass:

Personnel Dosimetry

Markus Borowski

Braunschweig, Germany


March 23, 2021


A guided tour of x-ray CT through dosimetry and image quality assessment

John Damilakis,

Irakleion, Greece


May 11, 2021

May 25, 2021


Beyond X-ray tubes: Innovation in radiological imaging with monochromatic sources


Emerging technologies and challenges for future radiological applications

Paolo Cardarelli

Ferrara, Italy

Angelo Taibi & Paolo Cardarelli

Ferrara, Italy

Lockdown Webinars

The aim of these lockdown talks was to bring Medical Physicists closer together during the Covid-19 time and discuss new working arrangements and challenges in diagnosis and treatment, issues arising in our working environments, novel strategies applied and lessons learned that may improve our practices and services in the future.

Following on from EFOMP president's Marco Brambilla’s communication on the corona virus , it became clear that many physicists were having similar experiences in adapting their medical physics service in the covid Covid-19 era. It was also evident that sharing of good scientific knowledge and experience would help defeat the virus (or instead perhaps “would help in the fight against the virus”).

The webinars are organised by IAPM (Irish Association of Medical Physicists) and EFOMP with contribution from the Medical Physics societies of Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and UK. Lectures have a duration of 45 minutes and 15 minutes discussion with audience interaction and polls.

Videorecordings will be permanently accessible via EFOMP's elearning platform


Paddy Gilligan, Efi Koutsouveli, David Lurie

Email:  webinars@efomp.org 


7th Lockdown event

"CT Lung Cancer Screening"

Prof. Jim Malone, WHO Consultant - Robert Boyle Professor (Emeritus), Trinity College, Dublin - John Tuffy & Dr. Paula Byrne, Regional Manager, Ionising Radiation & Health Services Researcher, respectively, Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) - Dr. Choonsik Lee Senior Investigator, Dosimetry Unit Head, National Cancer Institute, USA - Dr. Anne Marie Baird, Research Fellow, Trinity, Translational Medicine Institute, President of Lung Cancer, Europe

Thursday 22nd, October 2020 14:00-16:15 CET


6th Lockdown event

"The new normal for medical physics keeping yourself and your patients safe"

Martin Cormican, Consultant Microbiologist, National Clinical Lead for HCAI and AMR, Professor of Bacteriology at NUI Galway, Ireland

Tuesday 30th, June 2020 13:00 CET

5th Lockdown event

"Implementing a system for automated, remote quality assurance in CT, Radiography and Mammography"

Erik Tesselaar, Linköping University Hospital, Sweden - Liz Keavey, Irish Breast Screening Service, Ireland

Tuesday 12th, May 2020 

4th Lockdown event

"Radiotherapy Physics during the pandemic: Short term changes and longer term possibilities" 

Brendan McClean, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Ireland -   Holger Wirtz, Lake of Constance Radiation Oncology Center, Germany

Tuesday 5th, May 2020

3rd Lockdown event

“SAR vs SARS, MRI and PPE in the time of COVID” 

Nigel Davies, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS, UK - Niall Colgan, NUI Galway, Ireland - Cormac McGrath, Northern Ireland Regional Medical Physics Service, Ireland

Tuesday 28th, April 2020

2nd Lockdown event

“A primer on ventilators and organ support systems for medical physicists during the COVID crisis” 

Fran Hegarty, New Children's Hospital, Ireland - Carola van Pul,  Maxima Medical Center, Netherlands 

Tuesday 21st, April 2020

1st Lockdown event

“Risk Assessment for Mobile Radiography Outside Intensive Care Units”

Lynn Gaynor, Beaumont Hospital, Ireland 

Tuesday 14th, April 2020