EFOMP Special Interest Group in Particle Therapy


The group is open to anyone with an interest in medical physics-related topics within particle therapy e.g. radioprotection, quality assurance / quality control, regulatory aspects, etc,  and  will have members Medical physicists involved in clinical implementation and delivery of particle therapy, as well as those engaged in translational particle therapy physics research and development. Also, manufacturers of particle therapy equipment and treatment planning software.

The call for membersis open for those willing to attend the kick off meeting and take part to the elections. The kick-off meeting will be held in March 2024.

EFOMP members (members of their National Member Organisation or Individual Associate Members) can apply to be a member of the SIG. Corporate members are accepted. NMOs can also nominate representatives.

You can apply to be a member of this SIG electronically using the attached SIG member application form and a short professional CV.

Applications should be sent to:

Richard Amos (SIG founding member) r.amos@ucl.ac.uk

cc Eeva Boman (Science Committee Chair)  Eeva.Boman@pshp.fi 

cc Brenda Byrne (Secretary General)  secretary@efomp.org

Applications received between the given time period will be reviewed and the announcement of successful candidates will be given at the beginning of March 2024.  The attendance of the SIG members is encouraged as in the kick-of meeting the internal rules, steering committee members, SIG priorities etc will be voted. The structure of the SIG is described at the EFOMP manual.

SIG will be open for additional members during the life of the SIG. The later member applications should be send to the secretary of the SIG, who will be announced once elected.


Initial Call for members and application forms