International Day of Medical Physics (November 7, 2022)

Medical Physics for Sustainable Healthcare

IDMP 2022 Message


Dear Medical Physics Colleagues across the Globe,

It is my pleasure to announce to you the theme of this year to mark the celebrations of the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP 2022):

“Medical Physics for Sustainable Healthcare”

Providing high quality healthcare services requires at least three important pillars:

  1. Advanced Technology in the field of Healthcare.
  2. Qualified Personnel with adequate education and training in healthcare and technology.
  3. Intellectual System that links the above two pillars to provide a complete Pathway of Sustainable Healthcare Services.

We strongly believe that Medical Physicists across the globe furnished with these three pillars play an important and crucial role in offering a sustainable HealthCare service to humanity. The proof is evident since the discovery of X-Ray in 1895 where Radiation was and still an essential entity in the diagnosis and therapy of many diseases. This system of healthcare services was sustained and developed during more than a century of advanced technologies and competent medical physicists. IOMP as well as many relevant organizations in Medical Physics fields, work together to achieve such noble cause and urge all its members to do so.

I wish all my colleagues around the World a Happy Medical Physics I wish all my colleagues around the World a Happy Medical Physics Day. Enjoy the celebrations of this day and make sure as a Medical Physicist to keep on going!

Ibrahim Duhaini, PhD, FIOMP, DIMPCB
IOMP Treasurer
IDMP Coordinator


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EUROPE celebrates the International Day of Medical Physics

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