About EFOMP’s European School for Medical Physics Expert

Doctor Marco Brambilla

Dear colleagues,

EFOMP’s European School for Medical Physics Expert (ESMPE) has been established to fulfil one of the missions of EFOMP: to promote education and training programmes for medical physicists in Europe.

The ESMPE organises medical physics education and training events specifically targeted towards Medical Physicists who are already Medical Physics Experts or would like to achieve MPE status. These events are open to all European Medical Physicists and they will be accredited by an independent body (the European Board of Accreditation for Medical Physics) to ensure that they are at the required educational level, i.e., Level 8 of the European Qualifications Framework.

The attendance is usually limited to 40-50 places to guarantee the possibility of individual interaction between lectures and attendees. A distinctive tract of the school is to provide subsidized fees for a certain number of participants coming from low income European countries.

The work of ESMPE is carried out by its Board, which consists of prominent Medical Physicists with expertise in the education and training of medical physicists.

Doctor Marco Brambilla