EMP News Summer 2018 issue

Publication Date: Jul 1st, 2018 19:49, Category: EMP News

EMP News Summer 2018 issue

Dear Readers,

European Medical Physics News is continuing to attract the attention of our international community. The main feature of this Summer 2018 issue - which is released with some delay, we apologize for this! - is well represented by the collection of photos included in the various articles. They show an active European community gathered around National and European Congresses (article on AIFM Congress in Bari, ECR 2018 in Vienna and ESTRO 37 Congress in Barcelona), and organizing the second ECMP Congress in Copenhagen. An important event, in our opinion, is described in the article illustrating the set-up of the next EFOMP-EUTEMPE module course for developing “a strategic leadership role within the profession”. As an outstanding news of this Summer 2018 issue, our community is proud to announce the publication of the EFOMP Policy Statement no. 16, on “The role and competences of Medical Physicists and Medical Physics Experts under 2013/59/EURATOM”. This Statement is can be downloaded from the EFOMP website at https://www.efomp.org/index.php?r=fc&id=policy-statements and is published in our journal Physica Medica: https://www.physicamedica.com/article/S1120-1797(18)30042-5/fulltext. In this issue we welcome the presentation articles by three of our company members - others will follow in the next issue. The Publications and Communications Committee welcomes Prof. David Lurie (Aberdeen, Scotland), as our new Vice Chair. The Editorial Board of EMP News hopes you will find this Issue of your interest!

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Paolo Russo & Your editorial team (pubcommittee@efomp.org).

European Medical Physics News, June 2018