A new Special Interest Group (SIG) in “Artificial Intelligence”

Publication Date: Apr 23rd, 2024 10:41, Category: EFOMP Announcements

EFOMP hereby announces a new Special Interest Group (SIG) in “Artificial Intelligence”. The SIG will operate under the Projects Committee and is established as a permanent structure.

Artificial intelligence has been on the forefront of research over the past few years in different areas concerning the medical physics field. This research concerns all specialities of Medical Physics including Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiotherapy and Radiation Protection, covering fields from image improvement and analysis to target volume definition and dosimetry applications. Current research in AI has moved beyond the "hype" phase and primarily concerns (i). impact evaluation of proposed algorithms through multi-centre studies and challenges; (ii). the development of robust, reproducible and explainable AI solutions.

Increasing activities around such projects are evident at the EU level calls for proposals but also within all technical and clinical professional societies/associations many of whom EFOMP has a relationship with. Although research continues, there are also more and more of these algorithms that find their way in clinical practice. These facts highlight the need for EFOMP to put together a permanent cross-specialities SIG on AI in order to be able to handle the multiple projects emerging and associated activities in the field. This WG will also ensure that EFOMP is a leading organisation in the different aspects of the field. It will coordinate within the AI field EFOMP's efforts amongst others, in projects' participation/organisation, interaction with other societies/organisations, definition of education and training needs for MPEs, participation in legislative/policies initiatives.    

The call for members opened on 22nd April 2024. The kick-off meeting will be held in earlyJune 2024.

NMOs are kindly asked to distribute this announcement to their members, who can apply to be a member of this SIG electronically using the application form. A professional CV highlighting expertise in AI (max 3 pages PDF only) is required to be submitted.

Nominations can be sent anytime during the life of the SIG. In the period between 22nd of April and 30th  June use application form for nominations. Nominations received prior to May 30th will be reviewed in time for successful candidates to attend the kick-off meeting. Internal rules, nominations for steering committee members, SIG priorities will be discussed at the kick-off meeting, attendance is encouraged.
Nominations received after May 30th will still be accepted, however, the candidate will miss out on the kick-off meeting.

The Founding Members of this SIG are
Dimitris Visvikis, France
Renata Madru, Sweden
Stephan Nekolla, Germany
Kuangyu Shi, Germany
George Kagadis, Greece
Alberto Torresin, Italy
David Scicluna, Malta
Paul Doolan, Cyprus

Please direct any queries to projectscommittee@efomp.org/secretary@efomp.org