EMP News Autumn 2023!

Publication Date: Sep 25th, 2023 19:28, Category: EMP News

Dear Reader,

EFOMP is delighted to announce the publication of the Autumn 2023 issue of its quarterly newsletter, European Medical Physics News.

The review article of Jim Malone's most recent autobiographical book, "Tales from the Ivory Tower," by EFOMP President Paddy Gilligan, served as the inspiration for this issue's cover.

In this release, you will find the regular articles: my editorial, the President Paddy Gilligan message, the vice president and GS Efi Koutsouveli report, a professor interview by the EFOMP educational advisor Danielle Dobbe-Kalkman, and the EJMP Editor in Chief Iuliana Tomas Dasu’s overview of a set of selected publications.

In terms of science, Eeva Boman, the Chair of the Science Committee of the EFOMP, has also written an overview of her professional career for the EFOMP newsletter. There are also summaries of two medical physics theses by Anders F. S. Mikkelsen and Ieva JogaitÄ—, and book reviews by Jens Kurth. In addition, our popular medical physicist's art and hobby collection includes Images and Reflections for Medical Physics by Professor Jim Malone.

In terms of professional matters, Pablo Mínguez Gabiña provides his regular update on Special Interest Group for Radionuclide Internal Dosimetry (SIG_FRID) activities, while Jesús G. Ovejero has provided an update on the first general assembly of the Steering Committee of the Early Career EFOMP Group on June 20, 2023.

There are a good number of meeting reports, which I strongly advise you to have a good look at. They are really informative and inspiring.

Here is also a collection of recent articles written by EFOMP company members for your reading pleasure. Reading about the companies they operate and the products and services they provide is bound to be informative and entertaining. Whatever article you choose to read in this edition of European Medical Physics News, I hope you enjoy it. This is a frequent feature of the journal.

Finally, if you would like to suggest a topic or contribute an article, please email us at pubcommittee@efomp.org.

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Mohamed Metwaly and the Editorial Team (pubcommittee@efomp.org), September 2023.
You can download the EMP News Autumn 2023 issue by following this link.