EMP News Spring 2023!

Publication Date: Mar 16th, 2023 00:05, Category: EMP News

Dear Reader,
EFOMP is delighted to announce the publication of the Spring 2023 issue of its quarterly newsletter, European Medical Physics News.

Beautifully reflecting this issue's theme of "Building Careers in European Medical Physics Educational Facilities: Multicultural Learning Success Stories!" is the gradual flower opening as the spring background moves from grey to bright light, accompanied by the embrace of kindness in the warmth and dewy atmosphere. Albanian Xhulia Dosti, Nepalese Pratiksha Shahi, and Syrian Damascene Ruaa Abu Rashed are just three examples of the European Medical Physics Society's dedication to creating a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment for its members that are highlighted in this release, as the cover art revealed.

As usual, this release has a combination of topics covers all spectrum of European medical physicists’ interests: professional, scientific, educational, artistic, technical, interview, book review, commercial etc. Therefore, I it is really worth the time reading it in full.

In this edition, EMP News’s Educational Advisor Dobbe-Kalkman has conducted an interview with one of the most renowned medical physicists and academics in the UK; Professor Andrew Reilly; The Scientific Director of the Department of Clinical Physics and Bioengineering (DCPB) at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Scotland.

For this Spring issue of EMP News, Iuliana Toma-Dasu, Editor-in-Chief of Physics Medica, selected three articles from the most recent issue of Physica Medica (EJMP) on: adaptive proton therapy, Neuroimaging Network, and proton irradiation for V79 cells using Geant4-DNA code; and Ramon Ortiz has presented a summary of his PhD work titled "Dosimetric studies for proton minibeam radiation therapy", conducted at Institute Curie, France.

The book reviews in this release was conducted by Jamema Swamidas, who has given a brief overview of the IAEA book tilted as “Comprehensive Audit for Radiotherapy Practice: A Tool for Quality Improvement – Second Edition Published in 2022– IAEA”, and Markus Buchgeister, who has summaries his review on the book titled as “Introduction to Medical Physics” By Steven Keevil, Renato Padovani, Slavik Tabakov, Tony Greener, Cornelius Lewis

In addition, our popular Medical Physicist's art and hobby collection includes, the article by Professor Jim Malone and Fran Hegarty; the second part of the new comic Strips series of the Aurora Project; Katryna Vella exhibits the talent that she possesses as a science fiction writer by outlining the history of the genre as well as its future.

In terms of professional matter, we have four articles here that would interest you: Lorenzo Nicola Mazzoni discusses his experiences serving for one year as the representative of the EFOMP to the ICRP, the  Implementation of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) Subtitle by Erik Gelderblom and Rens Wientjes; the Position of the Medical Physics Expert in the Netherlands Subtitle by Oleksandra Ivashchenko; and the New Spanish Society Website  development by Manuel Vilches.  This issue also includes Pablo Mnguez Gabia’s update on the activities of this EFOMP Special Interest Group.

There is a good number of meeting reports and meeting announcements in this release on of them is held in Iceland, which will host the EFOMP officers' spring meeting this year. There are two meeting announcements: the  PTCOG Meeting 2023 in Madrid Subtitle: For the first time, Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG) will hold its annual meeting in Spain [June 10 - 16, 2023], Marco Durante’s report, and the Join the Uk’s Largest Imaging and Oncology Event – June 5-7, 2023 - Liverpool, UK,: Rizwan Malik’s report. There is also a couple of interesting meeting feedback reports:  Giuliano Perotti Bernardini and Anna-Maria Fanou reported the 2nd RAPTOR School huge success! Held at Cosylab in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from September 4–9, 2022 -; and Oliver Jäkel provides positive comments on the virtual courses in the field of Particle Therapy took place successfully from Oct. 17th to Nov. 25th 2022 under the auspices of the Heidelberg Institute for Radiation Oncology (HIRO)

Regarding the educational and training matters we have in this issue they are: A call by the EFOMP E&T Committee for more volunteer centres to help construct a pan-European network by Carmel J. Caruana, Christoph Bert and Kiki Theodorou; Teaching Course on Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) - Prague, Czech Republic, July 13, 2023 - July 15, 2023 announced by Oliver Blanck and Serenella Russo and the International Conference on Education and Training in Radiation Protection (ETRAP2023) – Groningen, The Netherlands.

As usual, this collection includes a number of pieces contributed by EFOMP company members. I have no doubt that reading about the activities and services offered by the companies would be interesting to do since I am sure that it will be. If you decide to read any of the articles that are included in this issue of European Medical Physics News, I truly hope that you will find them to be interesting. I hope you enjoy them! Please share the link or pdf with friends, co-workers, and students.

Finally, If you would like to suggest a topic or contribute an article, please email us at pubcommittee@efomp.org.

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Mohamed Metwaly and the Editorial Team (pubcommittee@efomp.org), March 2023.

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