Working Group "Quality controls in conventional and solid state detector gamma cameras" | Call for Members

Publication Date: Sep 1st, 2022 10:03, Category: EFOMP Announcements

EFOMP hereby announces a new Working Group (WG) entitled “Quality controls in conventional and solid state detector gamma cameras”.  The WG will operate under the Science Committee from March 2023 to March 2025. 

The proposal for the WG was introduced during the Officers Meeting in Helsinki, Finland in May 2022 and presented during the Annual Council in Dublin, Ireland on the 20th of August 2022.

The rationale of the WG: The literature on routine Quality Controls procedures for conventional gamma cameras is out-of-date or no more valid. No quality control guidelines even exists for solid state gamma cameras (both dedicated cardiac cameras and more recently introduced general purpose cameras), which need a specific and dedicated approach in the definition of routine quality control tests. Thus, there is a demanding need for guidelines that identify a set of routine quality controls to perform on both up-to-date conventional and solid state detector gamma cameras. The set of quality controls devised should have the characteristics of being simple and easy to realize. Reference and tolerance values will also be defined. The execution of these QC would guarantee the operation of conventional and solid state detector gamma cameras under optimal conditions ensuring the best performance in routine clinical tasks.

The chair of the WG is Laetitia Imbert (FR).

The deadline to establish the WG is January 2023. National Members Organisations are kindly asked to distribute this announcement to their members.

 A professional CV is required. Please fill in the attached application form.

The term for accepting nominations is from 2nd September 2022 to 15th October 2022.

Nominations must be made electronically to: (chair Brendan McClean, vice chair Eeva Boman and secretary Irene Hernandez)

Should you have any questions please contact (Efi Koutsouveli).

More information on Working and Special Interest Groups: EFOMP manual