Announcement of the death of Prof. Dr. Hans-Karl Leetz - Honorary Member and Past President of EFOMP

Publication Date: Jul 21st, 2022 11:04, Category: EFOMP Announcements

In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Hans-Karl Leetz
At the age of 91, Prof. Dr. Hans-Karl Leetz passed away in July. Prof. Leetz was Director of the Institute of Medical Physics at Saarland University in the Department of Clinical Medicine from 1985 to 1996. In a special way, Prof. Leetz was involved in scientific committees on a national and international level. He is a founding member of the DGMP and a recipient of the DGMP Glocker Medal. He was chairman of the DGMP, conference president and served on the board of the DGMP for 19 years. Prof. Dr. Hans-Karl Leetz was President of EFOMP and was appointed Honorary Member of the Council of EFOMP. He is holder of the Honorary Clasp of the Radiological Standardization Committee in Germany.
EFOMP mourns the loss of Hans-Karl Leetz, an outstanding researcher and a great human being.