EMP News Summer 2022!

Publication Date: Jun 27th, 2022 22:54, Category: EMP News

Dear Reader,

EFOMP is delighted to announce the publication of the Summer 2022 issue of its quarterly newsletter, European Medical Physics News.

Unfortunately, events in Eastern Europe continue to dominate our thoughts, as the continent's instability and economic challenges are at their worst since World War II. We extend our deepest sympathies and support to our Ukrainian colleagues as they face a deplorable invasion.

Despite these events, this newsletter contains great news about the European Medical Physics Society's commitment to health care. The theme of this newsletter is the 4th European Congress of Medical Physics, which will be held in Dublin, Ireland from 17–20 August 2022. This issue's front cover features a group photo of EFOMP Officers with the Finnish Medical Physics Society, taken at Hotel Nuuksio in Espoo, Finland, on 13–14 May 2022, where the spring officer's meeting was also held.

This issue of the newsletter includes a message from EFOMP President Paddy Gilligan and a summary of Secretary General Efi Koutsouveli's recent activities.

This release also includes a summary of Evelina Jaselske's PhD thesis on polymer dose gels for medical applications, Reetta Siekkinen's MSc thesis on MPI with PET, and Hacking Medical Physics, Part 3, on Visual Programming with Hero by Patrik Brynolfsson, Joakim Jonsson, and Tufve Nyholm.

Our popular Medical Physicist's Free Time section includes an article by David Lurie about sketching and painting, the fourth article by Prof. Jim Malone in his "Art to Challenge and Inspire" series, and Levthe-lion is back for another episode, this time on his radiotherapy treatment and learning about radiation.

This newsletter contains three articles about medical physics professional life: Jaroslav Ptáek's descripted the department of medical physics and radiation protection in University Hospital Olomouc, Czech Republic; Leticia Irazola discussed how to become a medical physicist in Spain, and Stephan Klöck discussed the medical physicist's role in medical device life cycle management.

This issue includes 12 commercial company articles, including conference sponsors and EFOMP Company Members in addition to the upcoming events. You'll enjoy reading about the companies' products and activities.

European Medical Physics News offers several fascinating items as always. Please share the link or pdf with friends, co-workers, and students. If you'd like to suggest a topic or contribute an article, please email us at pubcommittee@efomp.org.

I should also point out that this is my first newsletter as Editor-in-Chief of EMP News. It has been an honour to fill this position in place of my talented and devoted colleague, Prof David Lurie, who has frequently provided this issue with helpful direction and guidance.

Mohamed Metwaly and the Editorial Team (pubcommittee@efomp.org), June 2022.

You can download the EMP News Summer 2022 issue by following this link.