EFOMP Working Group on Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine Therapy Molecular Therapy. Call for members

Publication Date: Jun 16th, 2022 22:38, Category: EFOMP Announcements

EFOMP hereby announces a new Working Group (WG) entitled “Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine Therapy – Molecular Therapy”. The WG will operate under the Science Committee from August 2022 to September

The proposal for a policy statement on dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine Therapy - Molecular Therapy was approved by the Annual Council held both in person in Kaunas, Lithuania and online on the 6th November 2021

The rationale of the WG: The growing development of Molecular Radiotherapy raises the question of the role and involvement of the Medical Physics Expert in clinical therapeutic nuclear medicine dosimetry. The role and competences of medical physicists and medical physics experts under 2013/59/EURATOM (BSS) was addressed in EFOMP policy statement 16. Yet the specificity of Molecular Radiotherapy calls for a more detailed description of how EFOMP understands and wishes to promote the implementation of the BSS.

The chair of the WG is Manuel Bardies (FR) and the expected outcome is EFOMP Policy Statement no 19: Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine Therapy – Molecular Therapy.

The deadline to establish the WG is 15th July 2022. NMOs are kindly asked to distribute this announcement to their members.

Nomination must be made through the NMO (no self-nominations are allowed). A professional CV is required.The term for accepting nominations is from 2nd June 2022 to 27th June 2022.

Nominations must be made electronically to:

sciencecommittee@efomp.org (chair Brendan McClean, vice chair Eeva Boman and secretary Irene Hernandez)

cc to secretary@efomp.org (Efi Koutsouveli).