EFOMP School on-line Edition: MRI in Radiation Therapy Planning

Publication Date: May 5th, 2021 10:12, Category: ESMPE Announcements

EFOMP would like to invite you to the next ESMPE in MRI in Radiation Therapy Planning. The school will be organized as a 2-day virtual meeting, which will be held on 5th–6th May 2021.

The school will be focused on the Medical Physics aspects of Radiation Therapy Planning using MRI.  Following a review of the relevant physics pulse sequences, the programme will continue with an examination of many key steps including MRI-CT mapping, treatment planning approaches and monitoring of outcome using MRI.  Scientific and clinical experience of using MRI guided treatment will be presented.  Companies involved in the field will demonstrate new and emerging hardware and software developed to enhance the use of MRI in RT.  Quality assurance and safety in MRI will also be included.   

All of the lectures will be delivered live (i.e. not pre-recorded).

This two-day event is accredited by EBAMP (European Board of Accreditation for Medical Physics) as a CPD event for Medical Physicists at EQF Level 8 (awarded 18 CPD credit points) and is intended for Medical Physicists Experts who wish to expand their knowledge in radiation therapy planning using MRI. Certificates of attendance will be issued to those who attend the whole course.


• MRI physics – basic and advanced

• Artefacts and spatial distortion

• Pulse sequences for RT planning

• Hardware and software for MRI RT planning

• Image segmentation techniques

• MRI in external beam, gamma knife and brachytherapy planning

• Workflow and quality control

• Real-time MR-guided external beam radiation therapy




The School is open for Individual Associate Members (IAM) of EFOMP. The registration to the "MRI in Radiation Therapy Planning" EFOMP school will be available only for EFOMP IAM on a first come first served basis.

Login to IAM platform using your credentials and register to the school edition "MRI in Radiation Therapy Planning". Upon registration you will receive an email from the GoToWebinar platform which is being used for the virtual EFOMP school editions and webinars/masterclasses.