EFOMP-ECMP2020 Warm-Up Webinar "AI in Medical Physics"

Publication Date: Jan 25th, 2021 18:52, Category: EFOMP Announcements

EFOMP Webinar on "AI in Medical Physics".

This "warm-up webinar" is a precursor to the 3rd European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP 2020) which will take place in Torino, Italy, in June 2021.

As the amount of data gathered in healthcare has shown an exponential increase, the need for more efficient and versatile ways to utilise that data has become a highly topical challenge. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a rapidly evolving front of different methods and algorithms to take on that challenge. Such methods may take us even further, to renew our entire field of science. Working at the boundary between physics, informatics and medicine, we – medical physicists – will play an essential role in the implementation of AI in healthcare. However, to face this change gracefully and adapt to it we should recognize the impact of AI on our profession. This will be our first topic in the webinar. As the second topic, we will take a look at the clinical future, to see how increasing data and AI can be used to predict clinical outcomes.

In this webinar we are very fortunate to have two expert speakers who are actively working in this area. After the talks, there will be time for discussion with the speakers. 

We hope you will enjoy this ECMP warm-up event!


Opening: Paddy Gilligan

Chair introduction: Mika Kortesniemi (5 min)
Introductory talk: “The impact of AI on our profession”, Federica Zanca (20 min)
Scientific talk: “Using Big Data and AI on predicting clinical outcomes”, Leonard Wee (45 min)
Discussion: Federica Zanca & Leonard Wee & Mika Kortesniemi (15 min)
General information on the forthcoming ECMP and closing of the webinar, Mika Kortesniemi (5 min)

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Mika Kortesniemi, ECMP2020 President and the Congress Planning Committee