EMP News Winter 2020 issue

Publication Date: Dec 4th, 2020 18:32, Category: EMP News

Dear Reader,

This Winter 2020 issue of European Medical Physics News marks the end of a memorable year. COVID-19 still dominates the news and our lives, with a second wave hitting all European countries (and beyond), albeit now with a bright light at the end of the tunnel in the form of effective vaccines, now awaiting regulatory approval. But 2020 has not all been bad news! We have celebrated 40 years of EFOMP, as highlighted in the Autumn issue of EMP News. And, despite the pandemic (indeed, because of it), medical physicists have been getting together more and more via online platforms. No doubt a positive legacy of COVID will be our familiarity with online meeting tools and a willingness to make use of them. Nevertheless, we are all very much looking forward to being able to meet again in person, including at ECMP 2020 in Turin, in June 2021. 

On the subject of medical physicists getting together, the main theme of this issue of our Newsletter is “Early-Career Medical Physics activities and training”. A few National Member Organisations have introduced dedicated early-career sections, and interest in forming and developing these is expanding, which can only be a good thing. Even where specific early-career sections do not yet exist, there is a very clear enthusiasm among early-career medical physicists to organise professional, public-engagement, fund-raising and other diverse activities, as described in the nine articles devoted to early-career and training activities within this issue. Among the articles you will find the final President’s Message, from outgoing EFOMP President Dr. Marco Brambilla, which he has entitled “EFOMP: per aspera ad astra” – meaning (in case, like me, you need a translation), “EFOMP: through adversity to the stars” – which is very appropriate in these times. I am sure you will join me in congratulating Marco on his many achievements over the last three years. Under his expert leadership, EFOMP has seen a very significant rise in its scope and influence and is all set for more stellar things to come when Paddy Gilligan takes over the reins in January. 

The Winter newsletter contains a number of regular features, including a medical physics book review, and an overview of recent papers published in Physica Medica, by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Paolo Russo. The Medical Physicists’ Hobbies section is focussed on food and drink this time, with articles about organic goat’s cheese production in Serbia and craft beer brewing in Malta. Articles from EFOMP Company Members are always appreciated by our readership; this time you can find highly informative articles from ten Company Members. 

This issue also includes a diverse mix of contributions, covering meeting reports, medical physics practice and research, as well as reports of activities around the International Day of Medical Physics, which took place on 7th November. 

Last but certainly not least, in this issue we also report the results of the 5th EFOMP Photo Contest and of the EFOMP 40th-birthday Haiku Contest. I am sure you will agree that these demonstrate that Medical Physicists are extremely talented when it comes to cultural, as well as scientific activities!  .


David Lurie and the Editorial Team (pubcommittee@efomp.org), December 2020.

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