EMP News Winter 2019

Publication Date: Dec 4th, 2019 08:11, Category: EMP News

EMP News Winter 2019

Dear Readers,

The cover page of this issue refers to the EFOMP Board and Council meetings held in Warsaw, Poland, on 11-13 October, 2019.

This Winter issue of European Medical Physics News starts with the latest news from the President of ECMP 2020 (Turin, 23-26 September 2020).

EFOMP has recently established several Working Groups: on page 6 our colleague F. Zanca introduces the WG on Artificial intelligence.

Two articles on the experience of EFOMP Schools can be found on p. 7 and p. 9: in this last contribution, Prof. P. Sharp faces the issue of Statistics in Medical Physics.

The section on “Medical Physics research news” starts on p. 36, with articles on “A career built on modelling”, “Commissioning of Modelbased Dose Calculation Algorithms in Brachytherapy” (p. 38), “Real-Time Adaptive Particle Therapy Of canceR – The RAPTOR consortium” (p. 41), “Extending MRI Beyond the Current Limits: Of Needles, Gases, and Mummies” (p. 43).

The section “EFOMP Company member news” contains articles from iRT Systems (p. 46) and from RTsafe (p. 48).

What medical physicists do in their free time? The EMP News Editor, Jaroslav Ptáček, Czech Republic, tells us about his “analogue” story with B/W photography (p. 58). On page 60, we will learn of the hobbies of medical physicists in Serbia (Hobbies and sporting activities of Serbian medical physicists).

Finally, the section on “Book Reviews” contains a review by Prof. Alberto Del Guerra, published in Physica Medica – European Journal of Medical Physics, on the book Hendee’s Physics of Medical Imaging, 5th Edition (p. 61).

This is my last Editorial as Editor-in-Chief of EMP News, since my role as Chairperson of the Communications and Publications Committee ends on December 2019. From the next Spring Issue, the new Editor-in-Chief will be Prof. David Lurie, new Chair of the CP Com: good luck, David! I would like to thank all EMP News Editors (members of the CP Com), the copyeditor Michael Strahl, and in particular our CP Com Secretary, Efi Koutsouveli. Your passionate and effective collaboration is warmly appreciated.

Also our Committee Secretary, Dr. Efi Koutsouveli, will terminate her term on 31 December 2019: our thank you! message is on p. 84.


The Editorial Board of EMP News thanks all contributors of the articles of this Winter 2019 issue!

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Paolo Russo, Editor-in-Chief & Your editorial team (pubcommittee@efomp.org).

European Medical Physics News, 02 December 2019.