EMP News Autumn 2019

Publication Date: Sep 6th, 2019 13:54, Category: EMP News

EMP News Autumn 2019

Dear Readers, 

This issue of European Medical Physics News starts with a very important news from EFOMP President, regarding the foreseen possibility of individual membership association to EFOMP, a proposal discussed and approved in the last EFOMP Board and to be discussed and approved in the next EFOMP Council meeting in Warsaw, in October 2019. 

The cover page of this issue honors Prof. Wolfgang Schlegel, with a farewell symposium held on 31st May 2019 (p. 16). 

This year the scientific meeting of the French Society for Medical Physics took place in Angers, France: you can find a report on p. 6. 

The 9th Alpe-Adria Medical Physics Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society for Medical Physics took place in May 2019 in Graz, Austria (see the report on p. 15). 

An analysis based on “facts separated from fiction” of the last Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is set forth in the very detailed article on p. 8: a very useful reading, indeed. 

The Winter EFOMP School (ESMPE) 'Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry, Practical approach' and the Summer EFOMP School 'State of the art and new trends of angiographic equipment: Image quality, Patient and Staff dosimetry' held in Prague, continues the ESMPE tradition of well attended, well prepared and educationally efficient events (pp. 19, 21)

EUTEMPE educational event news are reported on pp. 23 and 25, on radiation protection issues. 


If you want to know about the experience of being an Associate Editor of EFOMP official scientific journal, Physica Medica, please see the short article by P. Mancosu on p. 29. 

The section on “Medical Physics research news” from experienced as well as from young medical physicists starts on p. 31 with an article on “Future perspective in NTCP modelling”, then it continues on: p. 34 on “Virtual clinical trials in 2D and 3D X-ray breast imaging”; p. 41, with an article on “A Dynamic Eye Phantom for Proton Therapy of Uveal Melanoma”; p. 43 with the article on the new imaging technique “Orthogonal Ray Imaging” and finally on p. 45 with a new technique of real-time radiochromic film dosimetry. 

The section “EFOMP Company member news” contains articles from Qaelum (p. 36) and from RTsafe (p. 38). 

The new section on “Medical Physics Leadership” is presented in the article on p. 47 and contains an interesting article related to “Clinical MRI Safety Performance and Quality Improvement project” on p. 49. 

What medical physicists do in their free time? This section contains articles on Medical Physics and Cycling (p. 52), Medical Physics and Martial Arts (p. 53), Medical Physics and “Maker” (p. 54). 

Finally, the section on “Book Reviews” contains an article on “Image Processing and Acquisition using Python” (p. 56). 

We remind you our important meeting for 2020, the next 3rd European Conference of Medical Physics, Turin, Italy, 24-26 September 2019, as announced also in this issue: the Scientific Committee has been nominated (see p. 5). 

The Editorial Board of EMP News thanks all contributors of the articles of this Autumn 2019 issue!