H/F Postdoc position in Novel bio-inspiring microsensors for improving proton therapy treatments

Position: Postdoc position in Novel bio-inspiring microsensors for improving protontherapy treatments

Institution: Laboratory Imagerie et Modélisation pour la Neurobiologie et la Cancérologie (IMNC), Centre National de la Rercherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Location: Orsay, France

Application closes at: Sep 15th, 2019 23:59

URL: https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR8165-CONGUA-001/Default.aspx?lang=EN

The postdoc will develop the work in the framework of a CNRS-Momentum grant, whose objective is to create a medical instrument towards radiobiologically optimized cancer treatments. Postdoc will work in direct and close collaboration with another researcher of the New Approaches for Radiotherapy group at IMNC-CNRS. In this research group we work in the boundary between medical physics, computer science (Monte Carlo simulations), and radiobiology. 

IMNC is an interdisciplinary laboratory that joins physicists and biologists, where the candidate will benefit from the multidisciplinar expertise of many lab's members. Additionally, IMNC houses a computational facility and two informaticians to assist the candidate with the computational aspects and giving support in the communication programming task. We will also have access to a particle detector lab with complete electronic instruments.

The work will be performed in collaboration with the Radiation Detector Group (RDG) of the National Center of Microelectronics (IMB-CNM) in Barcelona for optimizing new microdosimeter designs.