Researcher/technical research support position, 3 years

Position: Researcher/technical research support

Institution: Department of Oncology and Medical Physics, Haukeland University Hospital

Location: Bergen, Norway

Application closes at: Nov 11th, 2018 23:59


The job position has a time-frame of 3 years. The candidate will be a part of the interdisciplinary clinical radiotherapy research group at Department of Oncology and Medical Physics, Haukeland University Hospital. 

This position is linked to the project «Establishing a framework for interdisciplinary clinical particle therapy research at Haukeland University Hospital», with funding from Bergen Research Foundation (BFS). The main objective is to develop and implement models, strategies and technology to offer improved radiation treatment with modern photon- and proton/particle therapy. Proton therapy is a modality for treatment of cancer that is under planning in Norway with tentative start up for treatment of patients from 2024. The candidate is expected to contribute with own research within the aim and objectives of this project as well as assisting ongoing research and project development activities. Development and use of software to facilitate radiobiological modelling, adaptive radiotherapy, treatment course simulations, dose accumulation and dose painting within the ongoing research projects are key tasks.

Contact details:
Liv Bolstad Hysing (project leader)
Phone: +47 55 97 77 74