Research Fellow in Medical Physics and Imaging for Re-Irradiation

Position: Postdoctoral researcher, 12-month fixed term

Institution: University of Leeds

Location: Leeds, UK

Application closes at: Feb 23rd, 2023 14:45


Do you have a PhD in radiotherapy physics or medical imaging? Would you like to work on an exciting project in one of the UK’s best radiotherapy research groups?

We are looking for a research fellow in medical physics to further our novel work in re-irradiation of cancer patients. The Leeds Radiotherapy Research Group is conducting internationally leading research on technical innovation in re-irradiation, and we are ready to expand the team.

Re-irradiation involves delivery of a second course of radiotherapy to a previously treated part of the body. To do so safely, careful assessment of the combined radiation dose is required, taking anatomical changes and radiobiology into account. You will be working with image registration techniques to map dose distributions between different scans of the same patient, to assess the radiation delivered to sensitive normal tissue and to guide re-irradiation treatment planning.

You will be collaborating with medical physicists, clinical oncologists, and computer scien­tists. Your primary focus will be on lung and pelvic cancers, but you may work on other cancers as well (e.g. brain and head & neck cancer). You will be responsible for a study linking clinical outcomes in lung re-irradiation to the dose delivered; and may get the opportunity to contribute to other exciting projects on novel re-irradiation technologies.

The ideal candidate has a background in medical physics or imaging, with at least a basic understanding of radiotherapy. They will have worked with medical images, preferably in DICOM format, and will understand the challenges involved in image registration. Previous research in radiotherapy and/or deformable image registration as well as analysis of clinical outcome data would be advantageous.

The Leeds Radiotherapy Research Group offers a multidisciplinary research en­viron­ment in a leading UK university, with strong ties to one of Europe’s largest cancer centres. We have an extensive national and international network in re-irradiation research. Additionally, we have substantial track record in securing externally funded fellowships, and will actively be supporting you to further develop your career.