Clinical/research scientist “Clinical dosimetry in Targeted Radionuclide Therapy”

Position: Clinical/research scientist “Clinical dosimetry in Targeted Radionuclide Therapy”

Institution: Toulouse Cancer Research Centre (CRCT)

Location: Toulouse, France

Application closes at: Mar 15th, 2018 23:59

Toulouse Cancer Research Centre team 15 (Multi resolution dosimetry for radiotherapy optimization) is opening a 1-year position for a clinical/research scientist, with a possible extension to 2 years.

General context: Our research team is specialised in the optimisation of targeted radionuclide therapy dosimetry. We are involved in several clinical trials (academic or industrial research) in which we centralise and process dosimetric data, using clinical dosimetry workstations or homemade computing tools. We are now reaching a stage where the recruitment of a clinical/research scientist is needed to manage these activities.

Job description: The selected applicant will be in charge of clinical dosimetry processing in our research centre. Even though not in front line for data acquisition, he/she may have to supervise/advise on clinical dosimetry protocol settings, and travel to clinical sites to participate to the implementation of acquisition protocols. The work will mostly consist in collecting relevant dosimetric data (imaging/nonimaging data), insure the integrity of collected data, process dosimetric data (reconstruction, fusion, segmentation) to derive time-activity-curves and compute the absorbed dose to both tumours and healthy tissues, in collaboration with the members of the team and associated clinicians. For these tasks, the applicant will have to get acquainted with dosimetry workstations installed in the laboratory (Dosisoft planet dose, Hermes software including OLINDA 2, Philips Stratos, etc.) and locally developed dosimetric tools (local energy deposition, convolution, Monte Carlo modelling of radiation transport, etc.). Aside of his/her clinical dosimetry duties, the applicant will be encouraged to participate in our research and development projects.

Profile of the candidate: The ideal candidate will have a background in Medical Physics, and some previous experience in radiopharmaceutical dosimetry. The candidate should preferably have some background in computing sciences. The project will start in March 2018; therefore the candidate should be available as soon as possible.