Development of a TOF-based Prompt Gamma detector for real-time monitoring in Proton therapy

Position: Two-years postdoctoral fellowship at LPSC (Grenoble, France)

Institution: CNRS -LPSC

Location: Grenoble, France

Application closes at: Mar 31st, 2021 21:33


In order to fully exploit the potential of hadrontherapy, we are currently developing a novel system for real-time control of particle therapy, based on TOF-resolved (Time-Of-Flight) Prompt Gamma (PG) imaging with 100 ps time resolution, namely TIARA (Tof Imaging ARrAy). The system will consist of a set of small size, ultra-fast pixel detectors (~1cm3) fixed on a rigid support surrounding the irradiated volume to achieve 3D coverage. Each pixel will consist in a monolithic Cherenkov radiator read-out by one or more Silicon Photomultipliers. TIARA will be read in time coincidence with a fast beam monitor. The TOF between the beam monitor and the TIARA pixels, together with TIARA pixels’ positions constrain the PG vertex coordinates allowing a 3D reconstruction of the ion range in real-time and with a millimetric precision at pencil beam level.

This multidisciplinary project has recently been funded by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) for a duration of three years. Physicists, engineers, mathematicians and clinical medical physicists from three French institutes (two CNRS labs, LPSC and CPPM and the CAL proton therapy centre) will contribute to the development and test of the TIARA detector and to the conception of a dedicated image reconstruction algorithm.

The successful candidate will take charge of the development, test and associated data analysis of the TIARA detector.

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