Artificial Intelligence Medical Physics & Radiation Oncology

Start Date: Dec 12th, 2022 00:00

End Date: Dec 15th, 2022 00:00


Location: Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

Artificial Intelligence Medical Physics & Radiation Oncology

Description of the training

The 3th edition of our cutting-edge master-class will take place at Gustave Roussy, Ecole des Sciences du Cancer from 12th to 15th of December 2022, with renowned speakers from the best French cancer centers (IGR, CLB), and top notch engineering schools (University Paris-Saclay, ParisTech and Centrale Supelec).

Register and learn how to practice high precision radiotherapy by combining medical imaging, AI, physics and mathematics.

The lectures and practical sessions will be 100% in English, so that people from abroad can apply.

Please note that the training will be held face to face at Ecole des Sciences du Cancer.


Objectives of the training

    - Introducing AI vocabulary and basic concepts. Program of the third edition has been adapted to stick the europeen medical physicist curriculum as proposed by EFOMP (F. Zanca et al. Physica Medica, 2021)

    - Identifying putative applications of AI in medical physics (medical imaging and radiotherapy)

    - Understanding mathematical basis of main algorithms used in machine learning and deep learning

    - Enforcing these tools during practical sessions on computers.


Target audience 

Medical physicists, radiation oncologists, engineers, researchers, physicists, and students in medical physics/radiation oncology/radiology/nuclear medicine.