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This course provides the participant with an overview of the most relevant topics regarding innovation in diagnostic radiology. The latest progress in spectral and phase imaging, photon counting technologies and computational methods applied to clinical radiology (AI and radiomics, in-silico virtual clinical trials) will be addressed. After a preparatory online phase, the course includes three days of lectures, interactive sessions and discussions “on site” at the University of Ferrara.
From a physicist’s standpoint, innovation in X-ray imaging relies on the use of the physical properties of X-ray quanta: energy spectrum and phase characteristics. Therefore, after a brief review of the fundamentals physics of X-rays, required for the basis of the discussion, the lectures and interactive sessions will cover the principles and applications of spectral and phase-contrast imaging in the clinical setting.
This course will also explore the significant promise of advancements in computational approaches and available resources for medical applications. An introduction on AI methods in diagnostic radiology will be provided, also followed by the discussion of the actual application of radiomics and AI in the clinical practice. Finally, a session will be dedicated to the in-silico approach for Virtual Clinical Trials, including a hands-on practical activity.
The course is led by a distinguished team of Physicists, leaders in their respective research fields, experienced MPEs and Radiologists involved in the clinical research. This unique combination provides a comprehensive perspective on the potential and challenges of these emerging technologies.

Ferrara, Italy
Start online course: September 1, 2024
Face-to-face course: September 23, 2024 - September 25, 2024

Information: medphys@unife.it

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