ESMPE Past Editions

Edition Period Title Domain Duration (Hours) Scientific Chair Chair of the school Downloads
1st 2013 Jul 4-6

Clinical Medical Device Management: Specification, Acceptance testing, Commissioning, QC and Advanced applications in Whole-body PET/CT

Nuclear Medicine 19 M. Brambilla C. Caruana Flyer
2nd 2014 Jul 10-12

Advanced Kinetic Modeling and Parametric Methods, Advanced SPECT and PET Applications in Cardiology, Neurology and Oncology

Nuclear Medicine 19 M. Brambilla C. Caruana Flyer
3rd 2015 Jan 29-31

Digital Mammography and Quality Controls

Diagnostic Radiology 18 G. Gennaro A. Torresin Flyer
4th 2015 Jul 2-Jul 4

Radiopharmaceutical dosimetry

Nuclear Medicine 17 M. Bardies M. Brambilla Flyer
5th 2016 Jan 28-30

Computed Tomography Imaging: Dosimetry, Optimization and Advanced Clinical applications.

Diagnostic Radiology 20 A. Torresin M. Brambilla Flyer
6th 2016 Jul 7-9

Practical aspects of Radiation Dosimetry in Targeted Radionuclide Medicine Therapy

Nuclear Medicine 18 M. Bardies M. Brambilla Flyer
7th 2017 Jan 26-28

Imaging in Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy 19 G. Loi A. Torresin Flyer
8th 2017 Jul 6-8

Magnetic resonance Imaging: Advanced clinical applications Safety aspects Quality controls

Diagnostic Radiology 18 D. Lurie A. Torresin Flyer
9th 2018 Jan 25-27 Computed Tomography. Technology, Dosimetry, Optimization. Jointly organised by EFOMP and COCIR

Diagnostic Radiology

17 M. Kortesniemi M. Brambilla Flyer
10th 2018 Aug 22 Statistics in Medical Physics 

Data Management and Research


M. Brambilla

M. Brambilla Flyer
11th 2018 Aug 22 IMRT& VMAT Planning in Practice 

Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

8 G. Loi M. Brambilla Flyer
12th 2018 Aug 22 Fundamendals of Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry

Nuclear Medicine

8 M. Bardies M. Brambilla Flyer
13th 2019 Jan 24-26

Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry, Practical approach

Nuclear Medicine


M. Bardies

A. Torresin Flyer
14th 2019 Jul 4-6 State of the Art and new Trends of Angiographic Equipment: Image quality, Patient and Staff dosimetry. Jointly organised by EFOMP and COCIR Interventional Radiology 17 A. Trianni A. Torresin


15th 2019 Oct 10-12 Treatment Planning Systems. Jointly organised by EFOMP and COCIR

Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

16 B. McClean A. Torresin Flyer