Conception and validation of dosimetric software for microBrachytherapy, Toulouse

The Cancer Research Centre of Toulouse - team 15 (CRCT: UMR 1037 INSERM/UPS) proposes a Post-Doctoral fellowship (3 years, starting in January 2016) for an industry-oriented research project. The context is that of the development of microbrachytherapy using innovative radioactive microparticles for the treatment of liver cancer and glioblastoma.
Within the project, clinical dosimetry software adapted to radioactive microparticle therapy by will be developed in partnership with an industrial involved in medical imaging workstation development. The applicant will participate to all phases of the project, from the conception to the clinical validation of the software, in collaboration with the industrial partner.

He/she will also be involved in the supervision of PhD students who will investigate scientific aspects related to
the global research/industrial project (multimodality imaging, treatment planning).

The research fellow will also participate to the clinical trials planned at the end of the project.



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