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Category: Policy Statements
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The European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics. Policy Statement No. 7.1: The roles, responsibilities and status of the medical physicist including the criteria for the staffing levels in a Medical Physics Department approved by EFOMP Council on 5th February 2016

Date 06-08-2016 Filesize 0 B Download 10555

The European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics Policy Statement No. 10.1: Recommended Guidelines on National Schemes for Continuing Professional Development of Medical Physicists

Date 13-02-2016 Filesize 469.09 KB Download 16287

The European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics Policy Statement No. 6.1: Recommended Guidelines on National Registration Schemes for Medical Physicists

Date 13-02-2016 Filesize 221.6 KB Download 14592
Date 14-04-2015 Filesize 155.92 KB Download 22528

The Role of the Medical Physicist in the Management of Safety within the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Environment.

Date 15-02-2013 Filesize 214.56 KB Download 12782

Recommended Guidelines on the Development of Safety and Quality Management Systems for Medical Physics Departments.

Date 14-02-2013 Filesize 124.86 KB Download 16069

The Present Status of Medical Physics Education and Training in Europe. New perspectives and EFOMP Recommendations.

Date 14-02-2013 Filesize 585.46 KB Download 19486

Guidelines on Professional Conduct and Procedures to Be Implemented in the Event of Alleged Misconduct.

Date 13-02-2013 Filesize 53.53 KB Download 13503
Date 13-02-2013 Filesize 65.7 KB Download 7947

Radiation Protection of the Patient in Europe: The Training of the Medical Physics Expert in Radiation Physics or Radiation Technology.

Date 13-02-2013 Filesize 46.19 KB Download 11387

Continuing Professional Development for the Medical Physicist.

Date 13-02-2013 Filesize 35.82 KB Download 10845
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